Julie Saad

Contemplative Life: Discovering Our Path Into the Heart of God

Cost: $20


Online Presentation


Saturday, May 8

9am-12pm MST


Scholarships available

“Everything begins with prayer that is born in the silence of our hearts.”

Mother Teresa (Saint Teresa of Calcutta)

“Contemplative life begins when we take the first step into the silence of our heart. It’s a pilgrimage — a journey that takes us first to the inner reaches of who we really are, and from there, into the life we were meant to live. We don’t usually start a journey like this unless we’re searching, even longing, for a different way of life. The search often begins when we experience an existential crisis, a trauma, a loss, or sometimes just a weariness with the way life is. It may be a search for purpose or meaning, or a desire for a deeper connection with the Ultimate Mystery. As any spiritual pilgrim knows, the journey is one of mystery and discovery. It’s a different path for every person with one experience common to all: every person who embarks on the journey will be changed by it. It doesn’t matter where you are on your life’s journey, whether you’re young or old, experienced in prayer or a novice, religious, spiritual, agnostic, or none of the above. What matters is that something deep in the silence of your heart has called you to take the first step.”


This quote is from Julie’s soon to be published book, Contemplative Living  Experience: Formation in Centering Prayer. In this workshop we will be exploring contemplative life through prayer, the teachings of Thomas Keating, contemplative practices, guided meditation and reflective conversation.

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